School Information

Red Trail Elementary

4801 37TH AVE NW

MANDAN, ND 58554

(701) 751-6508

Mr. Dave Steckler, Principal

Whether you are a student, parent, community member, or just checking out our website, we welcome you to explore Red Trail Elementary School.  We are committed to knowing every student and meeting the needs of each individual child by building upon their strengths and honoring their learning styles.  The staff at Red Trail Elementary School believes that all students can learn, and they strive to make this happen.

Red Trail Elementary School opened in August of 2014.  We currently serve pre-school through grade five with three sections of each grade (except preschool) for the 2022-23 school year.  Our expected enrollment for the 2022-23 school year will be over 400 students.

Red Trail Elementary School will embrace the challenge of excellence and we will emphasize these areas:

• High achievement in academic standards that is based on direction, alignment and commitment. • Positive school climate • Relationships • High expectations • Instructional leadership • Parent involvement • Excellent teaching

It is our priority to provide the best education possible in a nurturing environment for our students. We encourage you to explore our website and access the individual links to learn more about our facility, staff, programs, curriculum, activities, partnerships, and other informative topics. We have provided e-mail addresses for all staff to be readily accessible and responsive to your concerns.

We want the parents and guardians of our students, like the students themselves, to feel at home at Red Trail Elementary School. It is important that our students feel proud of who they are and believe that they can accomplish anything they desire. The staff at Red Trail Elementary School wants the students to embrace the love of learning and have academic success.

Please join us in working together to ensure that each child at Red Trail Elementary School will reach their potential.

Directions to Our School